OSCE preparation – supine

Tonight, I met with some students from the local midwifery school who are preparing for their final OSCE. How exciting! They wanted to review mechanisms and manoeuvres so that they feel confident performing for their exams.

The students will be expected to demonstrate their knowledge of supine/lithotomy skills, so we created a new video to help them remember what we practised.


For those wanting to review the mechanisms when a woman is in a supine position, this video, filmed with midwifery students at the University of Salford last year, may also be helpful.

The next study group, for professionals, students or women in and around Norwich, will be on Monday, the 8th of February, from 10am – 1pm. For more resources to prepare for OSCE’s, click on the OSCE tag.

— Shawn

4 thoughts on “OSCE preparation – supine


    Thank you Shawn – Jude Bragg S/L and third year student midwives practising for OSCES. University of Cumbria

    1. midwifeshawn

      It’s a pleasure, Jude. If you and/or your fellow students let me know what other resources you would find helpful, I will put them on the list! Good luck with your OSCE.

  2. Rachael

    Cannot thank you enough for this useful resource. So glad I found it two days before my OSCE. Have my fingers crossed breech comes up now as it’s so clear in my head having watched this! Thanks again.


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