Hosting a Study Day

Our evidence-based and RCM-approved Physiological Breech Birth study day can be booked at your institution.

Hosting a study day requires the following:

Two women and a man at a study day using a practice baby to learn about breech birth techniques
  • Venue that can fit at least 40 people – there is a minimum requirement of 20 delegates per training day (please contact us to discuss further)
  • Audio-Visual capabilities: We need to be able to connect our laptop and project onto a large screen. We have appropriate adaptors for our Mac.
  • Refreshments for visitors: This is usually simple coffee and tea upon arrival, and clear directions about whether lunch will be provided, should be brought and/or can be bought. Some Midwifery Societies have organised bake sales with savouries included as a fundraiser.
  • Doll and Pelvis Models: We will bring some of these. If you can provide additional sets, then you will have them to disseminate training after the study day. We use and recommend these: Fetal Doll Model; and Cloth Pelvic Model or Female Pelvis Model
  • The organiser receives a free place

Excellent day with lots of ideas to take away as we launch our breech service next week at @RLHMaternity, offering even more choice and support and better births for women at RLH!

— Matthew Hogg (@MatthewHogg9) June 30, 2018

Payment options are:

Three women at a study day using a practice baby to learn about breech birth techniques
  • Eventbrite, an on-line booking system where participants book directly with us. This is our preference, as it enables us to organise additional trainers according to the number of attendees. Tickets are £100. If your Trust/organisation would like to subsidise tickets for your members, this can be arranged. RECOMMENDED

We recommend that you let participants book directly via Eventbrite, even if you intend to pay the way of members of staff via invoicing. Sadly, we have learned from experience that people do not value what they do not pay for. We have shown up prepared to teach 60+ professionals at Trust-sponsored events, to find less than 30 have attended. We recommend attendees pay at least £20 of the fee themselves.

How do I book / enquire?

A brunette woman standing in front of a projected image depicting a breech birth using breech birth practice baby to demonstrate at a study day

Register your interest by filling in the contact form below. Emma Spillane, our Training Co-ordinator, will respond in due course.