The Breech Birth Training

Breech Birth Network provides training to over 1000 health care professionals every year, throughout the UK and internationally. Our Physiological Breech Birth training is underpinned by the largest evidence base underpinning any available breech training programme. This includes research into: the normal parameters of progress and mechanisms of breech births; standards for professionals who attend planned breech births; the principles underpinning a physiological approach; and how professionals learn breech skills; and significant changes in confidence, knowledge and clinical behaviour following training.

Shawn providing breech birth training to a midwife using hands on practice baby

Due to the difficulty of delivering face-to-face training during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have put the entire training programme on-line in an interactive package for £100. This comes with one year’s worth of access to the training resources, including monthly opportunities to participate in live reflective sessions with one an instructor.

To take our course on-line, you will first register an account. Then you will be able to enrol in the course(s) you would like to take.

The course is also available as an in-person study day. NHS Trusts that are participating in the OptiBreech Trial receive free access to the training for all staff members.

From Sara Ledger: “Baby Lifeline Training facilitators on the Childbirth Emergencies in the Community study day are supported to attend the Breech Birth Network’s Physiological Breech Birth’s training. This enables them to teach attendees on the training about breech presentations at home, and to act safely and based on the Breech Birth Network’s vast evidence base. We encourage delegates to attend further training with the Breech Birth Network should they wish to attend planned upright vaginal breech births.”

Please see a list of all the scheduled Study Days on our Eventbrite!

What happens to the money?

See our 2018 Report of Accounts.

Breech Birth Network is a UK-registered Community Interest Company, which means all profits are channeled back into the work we do. Facilitators receive either expenses or a small payment for time taken away from work, depending on their experience levels. Examples of what we spend the money on include: printing training manuals, paying subscriptions for our WordPress and Vimeo accounts, insurance, enabling clinical skills trainers to teach with us so they feel more confident and skilled teaching physiological breech birth in their local Trust, commissioning illustrations to help us visually explain the concepts we teach, laptops to carry and deliver our presentations securely, doll and pelvis models (we are picky about which ones work best!), expenses when we meet up to plan the courses we deliver, etc.  As a CIC, we are required to make public our annual accounts. We are so grateful to those who pay to attend our study days because it enables us to carry on with this important work.

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Further Resources

We have a Facebook forum for medical professionals, birth workers and peer supporters who support women through breech pregnancy and childbirth. A place to share research, ideas and training opportunities.

Emma providing hands on breech birth training to 3 students, two men and a woman.