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The Norwich Birth Group began in 2002 with Rachel Graveling (a doula) and Shawn Walker, providing support and information for women and their partners, according to the needs and interests of those attending. The bi-weekly meetings are held in Chedgrave, south of Norwich along the A146. The meetings are facilitated by Rachel, who can be contacted on 01508 520414.

littleround2Meetings may also be posted on the Facebook Page.

More information:

At the Birth Group, we passionately believe that taking personal responsibility and developing trusting relationships enhance the safety and experience of childbirth.

BIGBWhen preparing for birth, many women and their partners enjoy meeting with others who are experiencing the same life-changing event of having a baby, and are similarly committed to taking responsibility for themselves and their maternity care. We offer relaxed, friendly drop-in groups which you can join at any time. Over a series of meetings, we cover the entire process of labour and birth, as well as any other topics participants would like to address. Although many women who attend Birth Group meetings plan to give birth in hospital, we have experience with home birth, planned vaginal breech birth, natural twin birth, and VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean), and offer specific help for women planning or exploring these options.

We expect that under normal circumstances, you will attend with your partner or other supporter who will be at your birth. Please respect each participant’s right to confidentiality within the group. Our purpose is to offer you information, gleaned from our experience and study of publicly available research and literature. Although Shawn or other midwives sometimes attend, the purpose of the group is not to offer clinical advice. We aim to support you to make informed decisions about your care and that of your baby, so that your birth is as safe and satisfying as possible. We offer a lending library which you are welcome and encouraged to use. Many participants find it helpful to take notes, and we recommend that you bring a notepad and pen.

rachjasThe group meets approximately every two weeks. We suggest a donation of approximately £5/person per session, to help us cover the costs of running the group (library, refreshments, on-going training, etc.) This is a guideline, and we expect that this amount will vary according to the means of individuals/couples.

For more information, contact Rachel Graveling on 01508 520 414.

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