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Upcoming study days delivered throughout the United Kingdom.

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We provide multi-disciplinary professional study days featuring core clinical skills and current research. This course is hosted annually by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. Our trainers can provide the same course for staff within your hospital.

Designed for clinical skills trainers, obstetricians, midwives, and paramedics, it will provide an engaging and interactive update on professional skills to facilitate physiological breech births, planned or unexpected, and how to teach these skills to others. The focus is on collaborative, multi-professional working to improve the safety of vaginal breech birth using the skills of all maternity care professionals.

Training Includes:

  • A research and counselling update
  • Thorough theoretical and hands-on explanations of how breech babies journey through the maternal pelvis in a completely spontaneous birth (the breech mechanisms), enabling you to distinguish between normal progress and dystocia
  • Hands-on simulation of complicated breech births and resolutions, using narratives and videos of real breech complications, to enable you to practice problem-solving in real time
  • Models of breech care that work within modern maternity services, based on evidence
  • One year’s access to the full on-line course, on-line webinars and on-line video resources
Group of people posing at a breech birth network study day

Hosting a Study Day

You can find more information on hosting a study day here.

Too see a full up to date list of all the upcoming study days in the UK, please click HERE.

What You Need To Know

What is the cost?

Tickets for our study days are £100

What are the timings?

Registration begins at 09:00 for a prompt 09:30 start. The day finishes at approximately 16:30.

Who will deliver the study day?

Either Shawn or Emma, or Kate Stringer, will be the lead facilitator. We also involve a wide range of other professionals who deliver skills training within their institutions. Most of our instructors are midwives, although our approach is multi-disciplinary and well-received by obstetric participants. Our obstetric partners have a more difficult time taking time away from work, but if you require an obstetric member on the teaching team, please let us know.

Get Involved

If you are a clinical skills trainer (of midwives, obstetricians or paramedics) and you would like to gain more experience teaching physiological breech birth, you are welcome to assist us on a study day near you. You will begin with assisting others to practice the manoeuvres and when you are comfortable will be invited to deliver the lecture content with our support.  Visit our EventBrite to find out where we will be, then contact Emma to let us know you would like to join us. Teaching frequently is an evidence-based way to develop breech expertise.

Feedback from previous study days:

Read about past study days.

The day yesterday was probably the most valuable study day I have ever attended. I attended with great trepidation due to a very difficult experience nearly 5 years ago but you passed on the knowledge and skills that every professional involved in the birth process needs. I feel really empowered and also that a great weight has been lifted from me.  I will be enthusiastically recommending my colleagues attend this study day. Hope to see you training in … one day

RM (Registered Midwife)

My main concern was lack of training of staff leading them to believe that breech birth is an emergency. Our RMOs and MWs loved the day and I think feel more empowered.

– SMO (Consultant Obstetrician, Senior Medical Officer, Christchurch)

Thank you so much, this has been the best study day ever! 

– Midwife

Information was clear and concise and well presented. Myths dispelled and physiological VBB and when to intervene very clearly explained. Methods to resolve when there are issues during delivery explained and demonstrated. Clear examples given with supporting video and photographs. Extremely valuable.

RMO (Registered Medical Officer)

Honest, real explanations. How to intervene in a timely manner as opposed to be hands off the breech. 

– Midwife

Thank you for a brilliant day of teaching and training. You covered a lot of material not taught as part of our training and it has been valuable.

– RMO (Registered Medical Officer)

Learning about manoeuvres to use in upright position, eg. shoulder press; visual components have been amazing, the broken down physiology of a breech birth.

– Midwife