Physiological Breech Birth Online Training Course

  • Physiological Breech Birth Online Course, v. 2022
  • L’accouchement Physiologique du Siège Online Course, v. 2022
  • Parto Fisiológico de Nalgas Online Course, v. 2022
  • Physiological Breech Birth – Refresher Training (in all languages)

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What’s included?

This course is £100 and can be accessed for one year!

This course has been developed directly from research about physiological breech birth and what may make breech birth safer in general. You will learn the principles and practice of physiological breech birth by following a systematic, problem-solving approach: identifying the problem and learning to apply the solution most likely to resolve it.

This course is an online version of the study day we offer. Once you have purchased the course you will have full access for one year, after which you can renew your access for £10 per year by enrolling on our Refresher Course.

Our 2022 course includes:

Introduction (Approximately 25 min)

  • Welcome Reading 5 minutes
  • What is ‘physiological breech birth?’ Activities 6 mins, Video 9 mins; Total 15 mins
  • Preparation: colleagues and equipment Reading 5 minutes 

Types of breech presentation (Approximately 25 mins)

  • Variations: Videos 12 mins, Activities 3 mins; Total 15 mins
  • Nuchal cords: Videos 3 mins, Reading 2 mins; Total 5 mins
  • Quiz: Types of breech presentation 5 mins

Characteristics of ‘normal breech births (Approximately 1 hour 45 mins)

  • Upright maternal birthing positions Reading 10 mins, Videos 17 mins; Total 30 mins
  • Normal mechanisms of breech births Videos 6 mins, Reading 9 mins; Total 15 mins
  • The second stage of labour in breech births Videos 12 mins, Reading 8 mins; Total 20 mins
  • Normal timings of emergence Videos 12 minutes, Reading and exercises 8 mins; Total 20 mins
  • Normal fetal characteristics during emergence Videos 12 mins, Reading 3 mins; Total 15 mins
  • Quiz: Characteristics of ‘normal breech births’ 5 mins

Practice guidelines (Approximately 1 hour 10 mins)

  • Physiological breech birth algorithm and documentation pro forma 10 mins
  • Encouraging maternal movement and effort: ‘wiggle and push’ Videos and Reading 10 mins
  • Describing manoeuvres 5 mins
  • The OptiBreech Trial Practice Guidelines 10 mins
  • Physiological-based cord clamping for breech babies Videos 26 mins, Reading 4 mins; Total 30 mins
  • Quiz: OptiBreech practice guidelines 5 mins

Manual interventions to relieve obstruction (Approximately 3 hours 25 minutes)

  • Delay on the perineum Videos 15 mins, Reading 5 mins; Total 20 mins
  • Legs Videos 25 mins, Reading 5 mins; Total 30 mins
  • Correcting posterior rotation Reading 6 mins
  • Conversion to supine or upright position Video 6 mins, Reading & activities 4 mins; Total 10 mins
  • Arm entrapment mid-pelvis (‘simple arms’) Videos 35 mins, Reading 10 mins; Total 45 mins
  • Nuchal/extended arms (‘complex arms’) Videos 20 mins
  • Head entrapment in the mid-pelvis or pelvic outlet (‘simple heads’) Videos and Reading 35 mins
  • Extended heat entrapment at the pelvic inlet (‘complex heads’) Videos and Reading 25 mins
  • Assisting skills Videos and Reading 5 mins
  • Forceps delivery Video 4 mins
  • Quiz: Recognising and assisting complications 5 mins 

Developing & sustaining expertise (Approximately 1 hour 10 mins)

  • Proficiency Criteria Videos 20 mins, Reading 10 mins; Total 30 mins
  • Implementation Examples Videos 30 mins, Reading 5 mins; Total 35 mins
  • Breech Specialist Midwives 5 mins 

Evidence & counselling (Approximately 40 mins)

  • Woman-centred counselling Videos 35 mins
  • Quiz: Counselling 5 mins

Final assessment quizzes 20 mins 

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