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How to access the video library

We are thrilled that so many practitioners around the world are using our online resources to share the skills and learning with others in their organisations. We cannot keep up with requests for the new password, which is a wonderful problem to have. 😊

The password for our Physiological Breech Birth video library on Vimeo changes at the beginning of each year. This is for two reasons:

First, to offer some measure of protection from circulation without permission. We are incredibly grateful to the women, families and healthcare professionals who have allowed us to use their videos.

Second, we need to be able to financially support these platforms. So the password continues to be available for anyone who has purchased and has access to our online training platform or the refresher course. To access the refresher course, you first need to complete the main course. Read more.

To access the video library:

Log in and click on the course where you are enrolled.
Open the course and click on “Resources for teaching and implementation.”

The password is available, along with a link to the library and our Dropbox of resources.