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We are seeking your thoughts on two new pieces of research currently in the development stage. If you have experienced a breech pregnancy within the last 5 years in the UK, either yourself or your partner, or you work with pregnant women in a non-medical capacity (e.g. doula, antenatal teacher, breastfeeding supporter, etc.), we would love to hear from you.

Emma Spillane would like your feedback on an Information Leaflet for people pregnant with breech-presenting babies. The leaflet will be used in research to determine an approximate level of demand for vaginal breech birth, with balanced counselling and adequate support.


Talking through elevate and rotate

Shawn Walker is preparing an application for a large grant to fund a pilot randomised controlled trial. No term breech trials have been published since 2000 (Hannah et al). The team around this project would like to gather a Breech Advisory Group composed of people who have experienced a breech pregnancy within the last 5 years in the UK, either yourself or your partner, and non-medical birth workers, such as doulas and antenatal teachers. At this stage, we would like your feedback on the suggested design of the trial, to ensure that the information resulting from the research will be useful to those considering breech options. For those of you who would like to remain with the project if funding is obtained, we will send regular updates with opportunities to provide feedback at stages like final project design, advertising the trial and analysing the results.ShawnPortsmouth

If you are interested in participating in our research in this way, please complete the form below and one of us will be in touch.

5 thoughts on “Seeking your thoughts on new research …

  1. Dr Katie Lightfoot

    I would be very interested in being involved in this in some way as I had my own undiagnosed breech experience in 2015. I am also a Registered Health Psychologist and Lecturer at Norwich Medical School, UEA. I have recently completed thesis research on women’s experiences of undiagnosed breech. it is something I am very passionate about!

  2. Jemma

    This is fantastic! I gave birth to my breech baby at the end of 2017. I did a huge amount of research and completely trusted my body. Breech births have become my passion as it was a life changing experience. Birth is incredible but breech birth is fascinating. I would love to be involved in any future research!

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