Birth Images and conferences: ethics and ownership

Things to think about when sharing photos of births for teaching purposes …

Time to be wise...

I had just finished a conference presentation and feeling somewhat relieved and elated. At the end of the section someone I knew came up and thanked me for the presentation ‘but there is one issue I had’. She proceeded to suggest that one of the pictures I had used of a woman giving birth in a challenging environment abroad that had been taken by a student should not have been used. Had the woman given permission for this?

I thanked her because, of course, she was right. I was, and am, mortified and, of course. I should know better. I consistently warn students and others about the choice of pictures and permissions for them. In fact we had removed one image from our presentation as we had not known the source. And yet, as this had been a student picture, who had given me permission to use in education, I…

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