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The virus and the breech


Update (2 April 2020): Well, this is going to go on for a lot longer than anyone expected, isn’t it? So we’re doing our best to issue refunds to those who booked for study days this summer. We have been able to refund those who paid by PayPal, because we had a positive balance in that account. We are awaiting £3500 in payment from Trusts for study days we’ve already provided, and when that comes in, we will be able to refund the remaining bookings and still pay our overheads, such as internet services, insurance and accountants’ fees.

So thank you for your patience. We hope to refund everything as soon as we can. As a not-for-profit company, we haven’t maintained a significant balance in our accounts, instead re-investing in printing manuals, replacing training aids, supporting clinical skills trainers to gain experience, etc. But maybe we need to re-consider our forward planning to include potential pandemics!

We would like to share with you our strategy for dealing with the uncertainties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have recently had a study day cancelled days before the event. This was understandable given the rapidly changing situation for NHS Trusts. We arranged refunds, including offering travel refunds to the clinical skills educators who were helping to deliver the day and developing their own skills. But we crunched the numbers and realised that we will be bankrupt if we do this again! Therefore, we have developed the following policy:

For NHS Trusts or other organisers who cancel events, we will re-arrange a suitable date when it is safe to deliver the training. We cannot return any payments that have already been made. We encourage Trusts to follow the local and national guidance on cancelling social events and meetings.

Similarly, if events are cancelled or individuals are not able to attend due to cancellation or personal reasons, we will you enable to attend another training at another date of your choice in the future. But we cannot return payments that you have made for training.

Thank you for understanding this decision, given the uncertain situation at the moment. We are essentially a two-woman operation, with additional help on the occasional study day.

Wishing you and your loved ones safety,

Shawn & Emma