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14 thoughts on “Publications

  1. phoebebarton

    Hello, thanks for all of this important work. I would love to read ‘To ECV or not to ECV? The current evidence base concerning external cephalic version’ it can’t find the open access version and wondered if you could post the link or if there is anywhere I can access?
    Warm thanks

    1. midwifeshawn

      Hello, Phoebe, and thank you very much for your interest in my work. Some of the publications are available as PDFs, courtesy of the journal, and some of them I have archived as author versions in accordance with copyright requirements. I have linked to an archive location below each of the publications now, in response to your feedback. There will be a few more posted soon.

      If you are doing your own work around breech, please do share it with us! 🙂

      Best wishes, Shawn

  2. Jill Miller

    Hello Shawn. Please can you give me some information on whether / how it is possible to arrange for a breech birth midwife to be able to support a woman at another NHS hospital where they do not readily support vaginal breech birth? I heard you speak not his a couple of years ago.
    With thanks.

    1. midwifeshawn

      Hi, Jill. Processes vary from area to area. Increasingly, Trusts with breech skill are supporting surrounding areas to care for women with breech babies. Sometimes, where relationships have been established, a bank contract can be arranged. Best to speak with a Supervisor of Midwives in the hospital where the woman is booked, and other nearby hospitals if internal support cannot be arranged. And feed back through the MSLC to encourage updated training for staff.
      Best wishes,

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  8. Michelle Sanders

    Hello Shawn,

    I’m a new Doula in Los Angeles California. I really love your pictures.If you don’t mind, I would be honored to share one of your breech birth photos with my Instagram audience as a visual to help educate on the opinions for breech presentation other than cesarean.

    Thanks for the inspiration

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