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Upcoming Zoom Seminars will be listed here when scheduled.

Three types of cervical head entrapment in vaginal breech births

Thursday, 26 October 2023 from 13:00 to 14:00 GMT

Human factors when forceps are needed in vaginal breech births

Wednesday, 22 November 2023 from 13:00 to 14:00

How to resolve complicated arm entrapment in vaginal breech births

Monday, 11 December 2023 from 13:00 to 14:00

Below you will find links to recording of our previous Zoom seminars.

All recordings can be found HERE! Access using the password: PubicArm1st

Testicular Complications of Vaginal Breech Birth 30 August 2023 Webinar Recording

OptiBreech Collaborative Care seminar, 22 February 2023: Fetal Monitoring Case Review, Webinar Recording

Should we use fetal electrodes to monitor the fetal heart in breech births? 13 May 2022 Webinar Recording

Continuous cyclic pushing 11 March 2022 Webinar Recording

Leg extraction: when, why and how 6 October 2021 Webinar Recording

Episiotomies and perineal stretching in vaginal breech births: when, how and what next? 22 September 21 Webinar Recording

Decision-making in the second stage of a breech labour: how long is too long? 6 September 21 Webinar Recording

Initiation of resuscitation with the cord intact: an essential part of vaginal breech birth care 27 August 21 Webinar Recording

The ‘Dropped Foot’ Baby in Labour 25 June 21 Webinar Recording