Video analysis and Algorithm paper published!

“Practical insight into upright breech birth from birth videos: a structured analysis” is now available on-line! (Reitter, Halliday and Walker, 2020, Birth – This paper represents a few years of hard work by Anke Reitter, me and our Research Assistant, Alexandra Halliday. It contains insights into birth timings and the mechanisms as observed in upright […]

The Breech Birth Training

Breech Birth Network provides training to over 1000 health care professionals every year, throughout the UK and internationally. Our Physiological Breech Birth training is underpinned by the largest evidence base underpinning any available breech training programme. This includes research into: the normal parameters of progress and mechanisms of breech births; standards for professionals who attend […]

Study Days

Overview We provide multi-disciplinary, RCM-approved professional updates and study days featuring core clinical skills and current research. Designed for clinical skills trainers, obstetricians, midwives, and paramedics, it will provide an engaging and interactive update on professional skills to facilitate physiological breech births, planned or unexpected, and how to teach these skills to others. The focus is […]

Physiological Breech Birth Online Training Course

Physiological Breech Birth Online Course, v. 2022 L’accouchement Physiologique du Siège Online Course, v. 2022 Physiological Breech Birth – Refresher Training To take a course, Register using the below Login Link. You will then be able purchase the course. If you have already registered for a course, use your login details to access your course […]

What is a ‘Breech Team’?

A Breech Clinical Teaching Team (‘Breech Team’) is a multi-disciplinary group of clinicians within a maternity care team who are proficient in facilitating physiological breech births, leading on breech training within the institution and attending vaginal breech births regularly in their clinical teaching role.

India and the breech

Missed our Facebook Live event with Fernandez Hospitals? Watch the recording here: This month I am in Hyderabad, India, visiting Dr Evita Fernandez and UK Consultant Midwives Indie Kaur and Kate Stringer. Today at 5pm IST (that’s 11.30 GMT), we will be having a Facebook Live discussion on Breech Birth in India. This will be […]