Recruiting further participants

Thank you for your interest in my work.

I would be grateful if you would share this link to an Expression of Interest form with your professional networks, so that I can reach as many breech-experienced professionals as possible.

My research has progressed to the next stage, and I am currently recruiting doctors and midwives who have attended between 3-20 upright breech births, who are willing to be interviewed about their experiences. All interview data will be anonymised, and I am particularly keen to interview obstetricians, although still need to interview more midwives as well.

This round of interviews follows on from an initial set of interviews I did with 5 midwives and 4 obstetricians, concerning how they developed experience with upright breech birth. I analysed the data from the initial interviews using grounded theory methods and developed a theoretical framework. These next interviews will serve to probe and explore the categories in this framework to build up a credible theory about how practitioners gain and develop breech skills.

— Shawn

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    1. midwifeshawn

      Hello, Marie-Louise. Participation involves an interview, which is usually conducted via Skype. The link above is to an Expression of Interest form, where you can provide your e-mail address so that I can contact you to arrange an interview.

      Thank you for your interest!



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