Standards for upright breech birth now on-line

I’m pleased to share with you that the first paper resulting from my PhD research has been published on-line in Midwifery. This is the accepted manuscript version only:

When the final PDF version is available, I’ll write a fuller post, including a link for a free download, for those who do not have institutional access. – Shawn

SW tweet

P.S. I will be on the east coast of the US from 17-30 May this year, after presenting a video on upright breech birth at the ACOG conference with Dr Annette Fineberg & Brigid Maher of Mama Sherpas. If anyone would like to host a study day, I’d love to share this research with you so that more professionals can learn from the wisdom of the experienced panellists who contributed.

4 thoughts on “Standards for upright breech birth now on-line

  1. Gail Tully

    Thank you, Shawn, for your amazing accomplishment! This is a vital and unique aspect of the conversation on vaginal breech birth! Thank you so for all you’ve done here!

  2. Maxine Hardinge

    Hi Shawn, I am very interested in your film. Can you provide information on what it covers, how long it runs, target audience etc -as well as cost of a copy and process for purchasing. Wtith thanks Maxine (I.m in Australia)

    1. midwifeshawn Post author

      Hi, Maxine. This is a conference film, made for teaching purposes, to raise awareness at the meeting about this practice. But it’s not available for distribution. Sorry! Good to know there is interest and demand. Will put it on the future projects list.


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