Laura Latina: new study day co-ordinator

Laura picI’m pleased to introduce a new co-ordinator for the Breech Birth Network study days: Laura Latina, MSc, RM. Laura is now taking the lead on organising study days, and if you would like to make an enquiry, you can contact her on the form below. Read more about Laura in her own words below.

I love being a midwife. I believe midwifery is an art; the art of empowering women in discovering their capacity of giving birth.

I work at St Thomas hospital as a caseload midwife. I advocate and believe in normal births. I like working closely together with women. My relationship with women and her partner is based on respect and trust. Empowering her and the partner to make their informed choice is also important for me. In my work I prioritise continuity of care; this means I look after women since the beginning of the pregnancy, during birth and post-natal. Pregnancy and birth are a journey; accompanying women and being part of this journey it’s amazing!

Lara at homeI have worked in all settings: midwife led unit, consultant led unit, home and as independent midwife. I encourage women to believe in their bodies and in their babies and I feel full of oxytocin when they have a positive birth experience.

My interest in vaginal breech births has started from my work in developing countries. I have been in many countries of Africa and Afghanistan where I assisted, supervised and taught to more than 30 vaginal breech births also in upright positions.

I love teaching too; I have participated to trainings as facilitator and as ALSO instructor.

My experience in Africa encouraged me to deepen my knowledge in developing countries, for this reason I own a MSc in Reproductive & Sexual Health Research at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

I love reading and teaching and I am also interested in research.

I love spending long time chatting in front of a coffee and I go often to walk in a park!


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